Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Woo Hoo moment

Do you sometimes have that wooho!! moment  well I did I have my Red Home quilt top complete with borders, I have even bought the backing, not sure how long it will take to get this together but lets hope not too long,  think I might send it to the long arm quilter for tacking together.

Can you believe I was meant to make this quilt,  I even have the same dog as in the book.

Now I am working on the bag in this book and I have done the pin cushion also.

Today the sun is shining and I have started something from my head a sneak peak here

Perhaps a cushion with lovely red French general fabric on the back.  What do you think? Perhaps some lovely thick rick rack in the birch colour?

Then I am inspired to finish a few things.  What first?  Fairyland!Yes a must do the 7 year old is turning 8 so a must do!! Mariners compass!Such fun.  Down in the Garden!(nearly done)Wool Owl! Anni Downs Bag! Baltimore Applique! Will I get these done before I turn 60?  A few years to go yet but look there is more in the cupboard. I tell myself don't start something new until you get two things completed!  Do you forever want to start new things?

Happy Stitching for today

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Love the quilt. Love the pincushion. Love the fusible flowers you are working on, too. Love the fabric, too. And yes, I love to start new projects. Lately I've gotten a little bit better at finishing, though - Woo-hoo for me, too! Have a super day!