Sunday, July 24, 2016

Yum! Jelly Stars and Pickles

The Jelly Stars  is finally together and back from the quilter... Binding ready to put on but I have lost the border fabric that I was going to bind in... I'm sure it will turn up ...

I think they all think they had a part to play in making this quilt 

Quilted circles look perfect with this.

With the Pickledish I liked the look of the full piece of fabric in the middle inserts instead of the cut pieces having seams that do not always meet in the middle..  I think I need one more row before I put the border on?  What do you think a border or not?

I am quite pleased with the ease this jelly star quilt has come together..  An easy quick quilt with the look of difficulty.... The pickle dish was a fun quilt to make a lot of work but worth the effort...