Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Starch /Floriani washable fusible trial

Firstly the Floriani product I did try, it was quite stiff and I did not like the feel of this when appliqued down, it made a nice finish but wasn't convinced that it would all wash out. You can now also get Helen Stubbings Product applique paper.

By the time I glued it all down and traced it,  I could trace onto the front of the fabric and have it needleturned down quicker,  But it is personal preference and whatever spins your wheels is what you should do.

The starch was a messy affair also, gave a nice crisp line on your appliques but I felt this was xtra steps and extra product.  You never know one day I may revert to these methods and until you try them you do not know if they will suit your style of applique.

Do look up recipes on the internet for starch and give it a go.

I thought I would use this product on my LOVE Entwined but I did not like the stiffness and was not convinced it would disappear enough.  I needed to do a smaller project to trial this. 

Love entwined hand stitching the zigzag border after Jen kingwells class it encouraged me to get on with this hand stitching and stop procrastinating. 

Happy Stitching

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Life is Beautiful

Its spring here in NZ, so where is the spring like sun??  So far cold and hail driving rain!  We need spring PLEASE...

Here are the start of the blocks I have begun for life is beautiful...  this is by Helen Stubbings HugsnKisses and you can choose all sorts of colourways..  I have had this in the cupboard for at least three years... hence I am trying to clear away all those projects that have been patiently waiting for me....  I have put my do not look at that project its beautiful but.. on high alert and said DO NOT BUY....

Have you looked in your cupboard lately and calculated how long to clear all those projects..  so many a year, how many good  years of stitching left??  Its inevitable we all buy too much... and have too many stitching ambitions.. but just keep on keeping on if it makes you happy...

So my goal this year was to get those to do's under way and make the finished pile higher..
I am quite pleased how it's going so far.


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Give me a Daisy Doo ....

Daisy Daisy give me a daisy doo....  I think that is how the song goes.  Jens Shop is Amitie Textiles in Melbourne.

 Jen Kingwell's quilt Daisy Doo has not had much time spent on her but marking and cutting flowers ready for travelling with me to the USA in a week is in progress...

Yes to the USA I am headed.  A school trip with my middle DD, to Seattle, washington State with a 6 day stopover in LA.  Packing is underway a task with two bags to pack and numerous name tags to sort.

Here is the T Shirt design my lovely DD 2 designed and  won and it is one of the tshirts we will wear when in the States.

Keep warm and happy stitching for the weekend.