Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Starch /Floriani washable fusible trial

Firstly the Floriani product I did try, it was quite stiff and I did not like the feel of this when appliqued down, it made a nice finish but wasn't convinced that it would all wash out. You can now also get Helen Stubbings Product applique paper.

By the time I glued it all down and traced it,  I could trace onto the front of the fabric and have it needleturned down quicker,  But it is personal preference and whatever spins your wheels is what you should do.

The starch was a messy affair also, gave a nice crisp line on your appliques but I felt this was xtra steps and extra product.  You never know one day I may revert to these methods and until you try them you do not know if they will suit your style of applique.

Do look up recipes on the internet for starch and give it a go.

I thought I would use this product on my LOVE Entwined but I did not like the stiffness and was not convinced it would disappear enough.  I needed to do a smaller project to trial this. 

Love entwined hand stitching the zigzag border after Jen kingwells class it encouraged me to get on with this hand stitching and stop procrastinating. 

Happy Stitching


Anthea said...

Lovely to see your Life Is Beautiful, Sharon... it's interesting to read of the experiences & preferences of other crafters with products like you've done here... I guess we never know what we'll find helpful (or not!) until we try it! thanks for sharing!

Leeanne said...

Hi Sharon, your applique is looking very pretty. I use Helen Stubbings papers along with Apliquick tools and love them! I believe it is good to try different ways of applique and products if you are having trouble, everyone is different and will like different methods.

Chookyblue...... said...

Love entwined looks great...... There at so many applique methods you need to try them all really to see what works best for you.....

Katthowaihopai said...

hi mum your blog is cool I thought their would be more quilts on it.