Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hand stitching with Jen kingwell

A weekend of learning with Jen Kingwell .. We are hand stitching our blocks together, Jen has shown us how she hand stitches her quilts... Such a lovely tutor and her quilts are gorgeous ..

Kitznthingz have done such a fabulous job of this weekend 

I have started daisy Doo which is in Jens new book "Quilt Lovely"

There are some lovely blocks being done. 

I have posted some photos of Jens quilts and ......

and a discussion about battings... for hand quilting versus machine quilting..

Did you all know that there is a difference with battings.... as I hand quilt I was aware of this but a lot didn't and it does make a difference to ensure your batting doesn't shred if not secured by enough stitches. Also the scrim in battings can affect your ease to hand quilt... so be aware when purchasing batting to make sure that you have an idea of what type of quilting you want to do before you hand quilt.

Jen uses these boards to hold her piecing while she organises and stitches...  I have seen these before quite easy to make they are on Lori Holt's Bee in my Bonnet site. 

Thanks toAngela at Kitz n Thingz for holding this amazing workshop.. Go checkout their website..kitsnthingz 

Until next time happy stitching...

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ooh its going to be a fun weekend... Guess who is coming to town

We are so lucky down south... this weekend we get to meet the wonderful Jen Kingwell from Amitie Textiles and Jen Kingwell Designs..check her out here. jen kingwell

Our fabulous patchwork shop  Kitz n Things is hosting Jen for a two day workshop saturday and sunday and trunk show on the friday night.  Check them out here kitznthings.. 

I'm making Daisy Doo from her fabulous new book Quilt Lovely.
Keep watching I will post from the event..

Until this weekend... Happy Stitching


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bunting tutorial

Who doesn't like a pretty bunting?  The middle dd had been asking for a bunting for a while, so I thought the panel of bunting flags had been sitting in the cupboard long enough (a year). 
So a couple of weeks ago I set to making this pretty bunting.   I have put up a tutorial for anyone interested in making one.

First find a bunting panel, they are easy enough to find from spotlight, or your local quilt shop.  If you cannot locate one it is easy enough to cut strips of fabric and then cut 60degree triangles of the depth you want your bunting triangles to be.

Iron fusible onto the back of the panel or place the 60degree triangles you have cut on top of fusible.

Cut these triangles apart leaving the fusible paper on the back.

Now find a backing fabric and place the fused triangles on top of backing placing them so as not to waste fabric. Iron this down.

Cut these triangles apart, and choose a bias binding to place along the edge of these triangles.
You could make your own bias in a matching colour or if you find it easier buy the bias, you can get so many colour choices these days.

Place the triangles into the bias binding in the order you like..  I like to tack this down (I know it is a lot more work) but the finish is much nicer and you can ensure that the folded edges of bias are in the right place.

I then cut the end of the tape on an angle but leave it as a raw edge.

Then wella a happy daughter with a lovely colourful room.