Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stitching circles for life is beautiful

Circles galore for life is beautiful.....  Stitch the stitcheries and then make the four square blocks .... Then form the circles .... Appliqué them onto the four square blocks .... Cut out the back of the stitcheries to obtain the circles for the alternate blocks.... Then cut out the smaller circles for them to be appliqués in the corner of the joining blocks ... And we'll it's coming together..... Just another WIP

Stitch the stitcheries

Make the four square blocks

Appliqué circles on then cut out the back and you get....

These are then appliqués onto the alternate blocks 

Then cut out back as before and you have a smaller circle to be used for corners

As shown here....


How is your quilting/crafting/stitching going?


Monday, February 1, 2016

Tidying up is dangerous.

Who has attempted to tidy their sewing space and then you find those projects forgotten about and you think I'll just finish that it won't take long and before you know it you have stopped tidying and started seeing .....
That was me myself and I today......
Left over triangles from my stars quilt easily became hexagons that will be joined together as random as I can ......
Then there is the project started for my loved one a number of years ago that had buttons sewn on and then the canvas stapling can start making it the perfect gift for my Valentine 
Until next visit
Happy stitching