Monday, August 26, 2013

More from life ... each new day

It has been a few days since I posted and wow what has happened in our neck of the woods.  Friday was spent stitching together the hearts I had finished stitching at least three weeks ago.  So as it was such a sunny hot day I thought a trip with the DD's to the park would be such fun.... however DD 2 fell on the slide steps and slammed her knee on the step, and as she never cries when the tears came I knew it was serious.  We however hung out till we got home and carried on through till Sunday and decided as the swelling did not go down and the pain was getting worse,  a trip to the dreaded A & E was imminent.  DH decided he would taker her down and typically as it was not me sitting there for hours on end at A & E it only took them 2 hours and not the typical 6-8 hours I seem to get.  The diagnosis was however better than I expected and only particularly bad bruising around and under the kneecap.  Great,  now we need to get through the resting period to ensure the jazz exam can take place on Sunday......  Kids are not good at resting or doing nothing.....  if only we could do that more...please...if only

Today being Monday was a bit more productive less bodies to organise in the house made it easier to get to the sewing room...  I sewed vinal vynal .. how do you spell that word???  anyway it was fun,,  I was asked about this product by a student so thought I had better have a go at something.  Here is the result.  I will put some tips on sewing with vynal on the Tips and Tricks.
Inside -sewing case

Sewing case

Good results for the dancer she managed to practice dancing and said the knee was much better... yeah away to school tomorrow.

Happy stitching

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Nicky said...

Lovely hearts! They are adorable. Would love to have a go at working with the vinyl, there are some neat bag patterns around using it. Hope your DD is feeling better and all the best for the weekend...