Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Sunny day today, lots achieved..........

Do you get surprised when you achieve so much in days where you think you will never get anything done!  Well I had one of those days today much to my surprise I have been very productive.  My DD (dear daughter 2) was home sick today and was up last night with nightmares, so hence not much sleep and feeling like I was dragged through a gorse bush, I was not planning to achieve much.

But...................  wait for the following and see my achievements today.  Perhaps it was the sun shining that makes you happy.

Morris Apprentice Fabric-Barbara Brackman
Couldn't bear to cut this up so put it on a canvas

Cushion for Dear daughter 3-  Paris fabric of Eifel Tower, one delighted daughter
Baking Yum!!  Afghans, Chocolate chippie Biscuits

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