Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spring is upon us enjoy each day like its the last! STITCH TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT

Well winter is past and we had such a mild winter when spring came so did the snow, hail and rain, those poor lambs.

I have been busy stitching away and I have been wondering how to put this block together in a medallion quilt,  watch this space. I recently attended the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair in July and got some delicious reproductions from Threadbear and also Carolyn's Quilting Room.


I have made a wool bag and held a class in this, it is a good large size and can carry lots of packages home from the quilt shop (shsh don't tell your husband). This is in Quilters Homespun. Let me know if you want to know the magazine no and I will look it out.

Have you all seen my cathedral window cushion finished? I have also held a class in this it was lots of fun, I remember making this at least 28 years ago.  Yes that long.  I have been quilting for a very long time with a few breaks in between when the children took up all my time.  The youngest is 7 years and the oldest is 19 years and first year at university.


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Karen said...

A beautiful applique block!