Monday, September 24, 2012

Red Home delights -cant wait to see what this turns out like!

Look at this gorgeous quilt - The Birdhouse - Natalie Bird  I've just started it and it is soo addictive, keep you posted on the progress.  The book is called RED HOME.

While I have been taking it easy after a bout of vertigo, dizzy spells head scan at hospital ( yeah waiting 6 hours is not pleasant and I couldn't even stitch) and not being able to get my head off the pillow I was itchin to stitch again, perhaps you call it withdrawal syptoms and now I can't sleep woke up at 5.17am and needed to get back to sleep so I got up made the kids lunches and thought I would get onto the blog as I have been so slack lately then I know I will be hopeless in the morning, but you gotta do it while you can.  (I have a great husband by the way).  Take care keep you posted on all those lovely applique blocks.

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