Saturday, May 5, 2012

Haven't blogged for a while, but a lot has happened since then,  My best best friend moved to Nelson, sob sob and as I am not that particular at keeping in touch via technology thenI am missing out.  My university daughter has gone through a couple of home sickness blackouts and they were major but we got through, thank god we are not in a different country.  School holidays kept us busy and we had fabulous weather and all.  I got to go to New Plymouth (not a choice I would make but it was a conference and I did not get to choose).  At least I can say I have been there, but guess what, I was walking down the street and happened to pass Still Quilting,  (yah) and I wasn't even looking for a quilt shop!  Luckily I walked in because I got  some fabric I had been looking for to finish my william morris wall hanging.  LUCKY LUCKY.

Here is my flower Garden wall hanging starting to look like something.

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