Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Happy EASTER, I hope you all had EASTER bunny visit. Our visit to Arrowtown has been hindered by sickness when we arrived by the youngest dd getting the vomiting bug and only coming right on Monday.  When we ventured out to do the Easter egg hunt in the town perhaps it was half an hour and too much for her tired body we headed back home to the arrowtown dwelling.  It was not going to be our weekend though as we got hit by a power outage at 5-45 while dinner was cooking. 🔦 So off to the pub for dinner while poor dad waited for the contractor to arrive, which finally happened at 9-30pm and wella power back on.  It's sad when candlelight doesn't allow for stitching. I have however progressed some projects prior to the blackout. Photos to follow...😄

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Raewyn said...

O dear, doesn't quite sound like a relaxing weekeknd. Hope you managed a little chocolate, though! I do love your projects :-)