Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Inserting a zip for a cushion back - Tutorial

Hi, I hope you all had a lovely Labour Weekend in New Zealand and achieved some kind of stitching.

As promised I have the tutorial for the zipper insertion on a cushion back.  This is photo rich to ensure you can acually understand how I do this. Thanks for the reminder Debbie, I hope this helps.

First you need the fabrics for the backing, cut to size of back making sure you allow for another 3 inches on the top colour of backing.

For example if I want to make an 18" cushion, I will cut the back panel as follows:
top colour 18.5" x 9" (2" will be the fold under)
bottom colour 18.5" x 11.75" ( allowance to cut back 0.25")

Choose colours for backing
making sure they will fit the finished
of cushion

1. Place zip right side to right side of fabric
and stitch to the top colour of your backing

2. You will then have this zip sewn to
 the top of the fabric

3. Take the bottom piece of backing
 fabric, place the zip right side to right side
 of fabric matching the sides of fabric

5. Turn right side over
you will have the zipper attached
6. Pull about 2" down over
zip to create a fold, iron

7. This creates a fold over the zip

8. Turn over to wrong side and pin
the zip through all layers
then prepare the ends
with pins as ...

4. Sew this to the top of the fabric

9. Make a z, sew along the fold
across the zip and then along the zipper
teeth edge to secure the zip onto
the layers

10. Sew along the zipper along the marks
on the zipper
11. When you get to the edge of the zipper
turn the foot and sew across the zipper to
 the fold.........
12. When you reach the fold on the underside
turn the foot again and sew along the
edge making sure you catch the edge
of the fold

13. Follow the pins and stitch..

14. It will then turn out like this...
Remember when attaching this backing to the cushion top
to open the zip slightly, so you can get into the
cushion when you have sewn around the outside of the cushion

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Raewyn said...

Great toutorial... I have done zip backed cushions but hadn't thought of that flap to hide the zip!! Good idea having the zip narrower thatn the back too so it isn't included in the side seam :-)