Tuesday, October 14, 2014

In the sewing room

In between the pickle dish quilt I have been steadily working on finishing up some items and continuing on more blocks

More pickings from the pickle, finished up trimming the arcs, hope you can see, as Paris was not moving!!

I managed to get this oragami folded fabric bag done last week, uses two fat quarters and I had it all made in an hour. A great gift, one for the present box. You can get this pattern from the brother sewing website. "Fabric origami bukuro"

While I am doing this Paris is keen to remove all of my heart pins from my pin cushions on display and not letting me even pick them up

She is a bit or a ratbag and thinks the sewing room belongs to her and her alone.

Queen of sewing

I even managed to get three more blocks prepared for my flower Kim McLean quilt

Keep stitching, thanks for calling by, must get on and stitch

Happy stitching


Noela said...

Lots of projects on the go Sharon. Your cat is very funny but then I think most cats are. Mine has lots of strange habits,drives me crazy at times but can't imagine life without him. hugs.....

Leeanne said...

Looking good! I have a 'helper' like Paris!

Raewyn said...

You sure are keeping busy! How cool to see that pile of pickles grow (yes I could see them under Paris!) Thanks for where to find the origami bag too, we tried making one from memory once and couldn't quite work it out!!!

Anthea said...

Lovely work going on there Sharon - just remember that you are using the cat's space, she is not invading yours!!