Monday, June 2, 2014

Curved Piecing tutorial

This post I thought I would show a tutorial for curved piecing and the simple items I need for sewing curves.

Sometimes we make things harder than they actually are and we need to tell ourselves we can do it!

First the items I need for inserting my mariners compass into a circle to square up the block.

Join your templates to create the square that has a circle cut from the middle.  Then get 8 pins and a stiletto or a seam ripper.

items required
Pin the circle onto the compass at each half way point then in the
quarter points
Place the circle under the sewing machine and sew a quarter inch seam.
Use the needle down position. Hold the stiletto to gradually sew 2 inches at
 most to sew the circle onto the curve. Gently pull the to pieces of fabric
 together and hold with fingers and stiletto, it helps to have a knee lift
on your machine for this also.
As you carefully curve the fabric around each pinned section, you will
 find it fits, just deeps breaths and believe in yourself.
Another helpful hint is to spray starch your fabric as this holds the
 bias in place.
Ta Da fitted into the circle with straight edges to sew into a quilt.

The finished circles ready to sew together for a wall hanging.


Happy Stitching until next post




Leeanne said...

Well done! looks lovely.

Raewyn said...

It looks great Sharon! I watched a DVD this afternoon that also reommended blocking circular blocks, using Best Press (don't know if we can get it here in NZ?) it sure made a difference!

Sharon @ OSEWDIVINE said...

Thanks Ladies its been fun but still more to do to get this into a wall hanging.