Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Easter/ Anzac Day thoughts

help! Forgive the chaotic post just trying to work blogger app on my phone!!??

Happy Easter to all those visiting, what a great break this has been in nz, Easter, school holidays, Anzac Day. We have headed off to our place in arrowtown nz . Such a lovely time with the changing colours for autumn.

A bit of crochet has been happening at the moment and it has become addictive and I am having trouble putting this down .

The family has been to caddy shack queenstown and we've had a fabulous time would recommend this to anyone visiting. Sorry photo is at the top trying to use blogger on my phone! Just more technology! But it is helpful on the go lets hope the next blog tomorrow at the autumn festival makes sense!
Thanks for visiting happy holidays to you all


Raewyn said...

Looks likeyou are making the most of the long weekend - and having fun. I love the crochet project... all those colours, and textures; is this a pattern?

Leanne Erbs said...

Gosh Sharon keep crocheting like that and your blanket will be finished in no time.