Monday, April 7, 2014

An industrious Monday....

Even though I had an interrupted night with a sick child, I have amazed myself with being so industrious today with housework and stitching...  Must be so tired I don't know what I am doing LOL

I am making large circles to put on my Dresden quilt,  so that can be a finish and I can get industrious with some quilting, (scary stuff quilting)  you just have to get on with it and have fun.

I would also like to show you bloggers out there my favourite notion at the moment....  Clover Clips
These are great for holding the binding in place while you handstitch, no pins... even better as the pins get in the way of the cotton... 
Clover Clips
I have finally got the binding on the Fairyland Quilt and its on the bed, DD No 3 just loves this..
Natalie Bird "Fairyland"

I also got some blocks cut and marked ready for stitching "Tis the season" I think this will be a quick stitch small designs and if I sew up the strips as I go then putting together should be a breeze.

Tis the season Natalie Bird


Happy Stitching thanks for visiting



Sharon said...

I love your sewing its very interesting mum love kate

Raewyn said...

Very industrious!! I haven't tried the clover clips yet but have heard good things about them :-) Lucky dd3 - the quilt is beautiful- looks perfect for a young lady!