Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1 Xmas item a month

A new year and I have decided to sign up and  try ( I did say try) to get my projects reduced.  Life is moving too fast for me....so therefore I have joined.....

the 1 xmas item a month to ensure I am focused and do try to post each month with a project...

The plan is,  North Pole Quilt and perhaps a stitchery quilt also, small blocks that can be taken anywhere... but as females are allowed to change their minds frequently it may be those small xmas projects not done yet....see the link .

If you want to join in go visit Narelle's site pins and whiskers .  Thanks Narelle for organising this.

My pile already of what I plan to sort this year!

Happy Stitching until next time


NancyL said...

love this idea. Where do I get the button?


Narelle said...

Thanks for the shout out Sharon :o)
Love your header photo.

Sharon said...

Thanks narelle just about ready for first Xmas item post

Sharon said...

Hi Nancy hope you got my message. back on holiday not much internet connection. hope you found the sit.