Monday, December 30, 2013

Raspberry picking and sweet stitching

It's back to stitching for me, I couldn't wait another day, time to finish my anni downs bag I started in April.  I was planning to have this done before Christmas, but life simply got in the way.  5 panels finished one to go and then stitching together.  

Sweet raspberries, these are growing in our backyard at the holiday house, so lucky a bumper crop this year.  Sweet girl picking... Luscious raspberries

We also have gooseberries

And....  Black currants

Happy days blog friends

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Raewyn said...

Enjoy your stitching Sharon - I hope you make some good progress on the cute bag. Lovely summer berries - the season is all too short! - I've been enjoying some raspberries as well. Happy New Year!