Sunday, June 23, 2013

Itching to stitch

I have been to the hospital Saturday to get my veins lasered and injected its what is the normal now instead of stripping the veins, thought this was enough, just as we'll they invented ibruprofen drugs.  I would rather have been stitching. I will still be stitching after my daily hour walk.

I did however have a burst of energy yesterday and got some binding done along with two backings ready for red home and appliqué flower baskets quilts.


I always cut my binding 2.5inches and fold over and iron, that is after joining enough lengths to fit around your quilt.

Then I roll this all onto a paper towel or toilet roll inner.  Then it doesn't, get messy and tangled while you are sewing this on to your quilt.

This quilt is so easy for kids quilts you just use a fat quarter of a few different focus fabrics that reflect what the child likes. Eg jandals,tennis, shells, swimming, lollies then you frame these with a plain fabric.  The cuts are..................... If you are interested will put up a tutorial.  Just let me know.

O Sew Divine -rainbow quilt

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