Friday, June 7, 2013

A new member for our family!

Welcome Paris to our family.  This tiny member of our family arrived Thursday from the spca.  We got rung early because she was not thriving down in the cold and was not eating much as the tiniest in the cage, so we are fostering her at the moment to see if she thrives and puts on some weight.  Only .586gms.  Eating a bit but not much at all having to encourage her to eat and drink  so lets hope things improve.  I think a visit to the vet to see what I can try to encourage her to eat, currently on chicken mince.  Does not like kitty food pouches or kitty nuts yet.  She is just gorgeous and very cuddly and has the loudest purr for the size of her.

Here she is!

I can even stitch with her on my knee, think she might be a quilting cat!

Take Care Happy Stitching


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Leeanne said...

She is cute! Oh I am tempted to get another cat!