Sunday, May 4, 2014

Holidays are over, back to the stitching cave

As my DH managed to suggest I was happiest in my woman cave!!  yes I got to look and sit in the sewing studio (such fun), it has been a hectic two weeks school holidays, but I quite like getting back to old clothes and old potatoes!

I had a parcel on the doorstep when we flew back from Wellington today!  A much awaited parcel which contained 2yd of fabric for the binding to match my border of my Red Home applique quilt.  I found this meterage by looking on find my fabric and this site matched me up with Rossville Quilts
and I found the much needed meterage to finish binding this quilt which has been finished for a while.  Yippee another finish will happen. But I must confess I did add a few xtras!  well there is no use paying for postage when I could get more for the same postage now is there!

The spots are the binding(minick and simpson) a piece of chocolat and fat quarters of William Morris, along with the new ladies album reproduction fat quarters from Barabara Brackman

These lovelies were discovered in Dunedin at the Whitcoulls closing down sale in the mall.  Well 50% off just too good to ignore!
Not much stitching has been happening apart from the North Pole block and tis the season blocks for my 1 Xmas Item a Month.

Happy Stitching  thanks for visiting



Leeanne said...

I understand your 'bliss' at having time to create! It gives me a warm feeling inside, we take what we can get in our busy lives!
Gosh 50% off is a good bargain, I got a Lynette Anderson book from our Paper Plus for 25%off.
happy finishing AND starting projects!

Raewyn said...

Sounds like the best place to be, especially with the weather turning! Specials are always satisfying, especially when they are of the crafty kind!

Trey Rulon said...

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