Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ribbon Rose Ruching

Have you ever wondered how to ruche a wire edged ribbon rose or just a nice piece of fabric?

Here is how I do this check out the photo to tempt you.  Remember you can do this with fabric as well there is just a tip and you need to have a folded piece of fabric like the ribbon but with the edges folded in.

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After you have completed this step you then need to join the first four to five petals together and stitch through to join them on the raw edge then fold them down to be the centre of the ribbon rose.
Centre petals stitched at back and
folded out to form centre.
Once this is done then you slowly wind the ribbon around and tack it together, at this stage you can change the shade of ribbon to be different from the centre by twisting the colour to be on the edge.  You can only do this with shaded french wire edged ribbon. 
Back View

Then you can end up with this made in fabric.


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