Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all those romantic souls.
I received this beautiful card from my very own reliable valentine
Have you noticed that owls are the in thing around here at the moment and my 19 yr old daughter has finally succumbed to my crafty personality and thought she might quite like an owl cushion and one that had words on it.  But oh wait and had also ordered a quilt before Xmas.  I never thought this day would come, so as an obliging mother I decided to get to and make these for her to head off on her second year to university another challenge as she is in a flat and will have to fend for herself more.
Here is the owl cushion being put together.

This was a fun project, I just drew up an owl or two on a branch and then transferred theses to steam a seam fusible and then started placing these onto a piece of linen.  I was going to raw edge machine applique these however I decided to hand backstitch these with two stands of dmc, pearle cotton would have worked also.
and WELLA the final product
 I have also completed the quilt chose something easy to ensure I got this done for sending her on her way this week.  She will be getting another lovely pieced quilt for her 20th in September so that is another partly finished project to do this year also.

 The panel of fabric had inspirational words with birds etc I added two large borders on three sides and had it machine quilted simple and easy.  It looks great too.

Until next time happy stitching soak up those precious moments with those adorable souls in your family they grow so fast and are off on their own journeys before you can blink.

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