Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Applique Techniques - Purrrfect circles

Sorry I haven't posted much but holidays children and life has kept me busy but still sitchin.

Purrrfect circles..................

When I make circles I generally need a lot of them, so I sit watching my favourite tv shows and make them in bulk.

Save those card inserts in magazines you generally get lots of them especially in craft magazines.

I use a circle template as shown below, but you can get mylar circles on a loop that are heat resistant and great to use too instead of cutting out light cardboard.

So mark the size of the circle you require onto your light cardboard, and fabric choices. Shown above.

Once you have marked enough circles to work on then cut out the light carboard around the line of the circle.  For the Fabric DO NOT CUT ON THE LINE, you need to cut at least an eighth of an inch probably more for all the newbie's past that line.  NOTE first photo.

Once you have done this then thread a needle with cotton and knot.  Stitch a fine line all around the outside of the marked circle and past the knot.  This will help pull up the circle.

Once this is done then place your cardboard in the circle on the marked line  and pull up the thread so it pulls over the carboard and as the light carboard is heavy enough to hold a good smooth edge, be careful not to buckle this.

Once you have made as many as you need then iron these with a hot iron be careful not to burn, you can also starch these.  When you are ready to sew these down onto your work then you will need to remove the light cardboard.  I use an unpicker and grab the circle from one edge and pull out the cardboard, press these again and they are ready.
Happy Stitching............


ButtonMad said...

That looks and sounds like a LOT of hard work and dedication!

Barb said...

Those are perfect circles, love them!