Friday, August 5, 2011

Spring is in the air

I cannot wait for spring and those new blossoms to appear.  Meanwhile I have been busy stitching in my hideaway.

The holidays saw Kate and Samantha keen with the cuttlebug, Samantha attended a scrapbooking class and was very excited with what she achieved.  We also had snow in the holidays exciting for the kids but not enough to make a huge snowman.

I have finished my cushion "Cathedral Window"" and have placed this in the class list.  It was such fun to do and I remembered doing this pattern 20 years ago.

Well our power went out on Sunday 3 am 31st July and it wasn't back on until 1st August 4.30pm.  Wow you would be amazed at how reliant we are on electricity.  Those cantabrians need hugs for all those days they were without power.  It made me think what to do about being more prepared.

I hope to have some more applique classes soon that are exciting.

Happy stitching enjoy before the garden beckons.

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